[QUEST] A:A Sylvia's Heirloom

I thought I’d write some quests for Berezaa. I wanted to make this into a questline, but my mind is boggled, right now. Hope to see this one in paticular added to the game! :wink:

Sylvia’s Heirloom

[Sylvia Breadcrusher]
I know what you’re thinking and NO, I DO NOT crush bread!

I wasn’t going to ask…
Let’s Get This Bread - [Player is thrown across the map and killed | Reply - Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!]


Well then… While you’re here, could you retrieve something for me?

Sure, why not,
No, you’re crazy! - [Reply - ruUUDE]

One of the Goblins have stolen my family’s heirloom. I don’t have much use for it, but I don’t want those ugly green babies to have it. Go kill a bunch of them till you find it and bring it back to me.

–Player kills around 30 of those Ugly Green Babies and magically the item appears in their inventory

Thank you for retrieving it! uWu - [Reward - Few coins and some potions (possibly some bread)]

I don’t accept that part.

Sylvia is a God

image just wait for part 2 this is a master piece here that i myself created .

end me now

Sylvia aughta slap you