Quality Changes that can Help the Game

I would like to suggest somethings that can help improve Vesteria.
The stamina feature can be tweaked a little. Instead of 1 stamina = 1 second of sprint, it should be 2 seconds.
Second of all, when you die, you should only lose 15% of you coins. Ex. 1g ----> 850S. No one will duel anymore, since it counts as you dying and losing your coins. Might as well remove dropping coins on death when dueling.
Vit has some useless perks like Regeneration+(1.25 healing on regeneration ability),1.1x idle recovery(I’m always in combat, and I use potions, so this is pretty useless), and Hearth (115% heal from campfire).
Vit is more focused on survival, so maybe add some defense, when upgrading it?
As a knight, I think Inspire is quite useless, barely adding defense to allies and myself, something should be done about this, like it gives allies more health and defense or anything along the lines.
Tax should only be 20-15%.
Leveling up is a bit hard, maybe add a SMALL bit of more EXP to every mob? ( before it was really fun grinding, due to how it wasn’t that hard to level up, now it seems boring.

Any thoughts?

I can see your logic behind most of these suggestions, but most are already debunked and won’t be added. Not sure about buffing Inspire though.

  • Stamina is already pretty balanced if you have the right gear/build to sustain running. You shouldn’t be running constantly.

  • I believe it was stated the 33% penalty was final.

  • You can duel in safe areas like Nilgarf and other cities to avoid the penalty.

  • Yes, regeneration is somewhat useless. Yes, Berezaa wants to keep it; it’s intended for low-levels.

  • Having 70 VIT gives a grand total 24% average damage reduction (assuming consistent ability use), which approximately means you can take 33% more hits (not even taking the HP bonus into account) before dying.

  • Tax is fine, it does its job of removing incentive to transfer money to alt slots. Either the community works with it, or around it by trading with something like Guardian Cores or Runes.

  • Leveling is pretty easy if you grind in the right spot with the right people. Of course, grinding alone is faster for EXP, but you’re much more likely to die. And currently levels 10-15 are planned to be made easier to get.

If you’d like more information on why this current update is fine, please see my guide to survive in it. Yes, it’s a plug. Yes, I have shame. No, this one is shameless, though.

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Not sure on the last one grinding is a lot more intense now keeps me aware because I know the smallest mistake could end me i’m a squishy mage

If you think about it I feel like that its too excessive.
I currently have 3g and if I die I would only end up with 1g.

You lose 1/3 of money. You’d end with 2g.

yeah, some bugs need to be fixed before this rolled out, I got movement locked for WAY too long as a mage then got aimbotted by MoKoTuAa’s lazer gun thingy.

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3G stockpiled… for what reason?

If your gear isn’t fully upgraded, there is no reason to hold onto cash in excess of 150S.

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I have 3+ gold stockpiled some people have 100

This is kinda a necrobump…