QOTD ~ Where Would You Like To Travel The Most? 🛩

Hello and welcome to a new QOTD! Today I’m asking you: Where would you like to travel the most and why?

I personally would like to travel to Japan to try the food and test my japanese skills. >:3

I’m with you on Japan. Japan seems like a beautiful place to visit. I’ve also been told that the food is good and the people are nice.

Moved to off-topic (also I agree, definitely trying to visit Tokyo)

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I want to travel to Mushroom Forest, because there are mushrooms everywhere.

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I want to travel to become a warrior so I can super jump and long jump with roll.

The moon so I can see what earth looks like from the moon

I want to travel to the world of Vesteria because that’d be cool.

Philippines, I most likely got family there, no way of knowing who though ever in my life. My mom was from the Philippines, but was adopted and came to the UK when very young.

It’s one of the things on my bucket list, considering how it’s interesting that I could’ve basically lived on the other side of the world and lived an entirely different life.


Alaska. It might be cold as balls but who knows how long there will be anything left to see.

Why not come to Canada and drink a Tim Horton’s coffee instead? :canada:

Can I come also lol : )

I just want to go the Alaska for a potentially limited experience. But for Canada, if I can get a scholarship for Super Smash Bros: Melee there I’ll start going to school up there so, we shall see. :joy: I have visited once before and am planning a trip soon.

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