QOTD ~ Where Are You From? ๐Ÿ—บ

Welcome to another QOTD! Where are you from?

Iโ€™m from Canada! :canada:



From Mushtown, Vesteria

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Iโ€™m from the future, I have come to tell you that what the world truly needs is spiders doing the cha-cha-cha

The middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

United States Of America, Florida, the nearest McDonaldโ€™s dumpster with a cardboard box. um so basicly im CHAIR

Wait, so you are my neighbour?

Wait, Billy is that you? And Kevin? You too?

u must hacked into my private info hacker man im call fbi on u how did u even get hold of my name!!!


yes but there was like 2 billion letters missing

UK :uk: And Iโ€™m living near the city thatโ€™s basically the Detroit of this country.

America, Florida

Iโ€™m from ([FORUM GAME] Tag), and @HarryIsBeast is it! :wink:

United States Virginia at a dead end street but technically my blood is from Korea although I was born in the U.S so Iโ€™m a citizen there and now Iโ€™m currently at home with an inflatable mattress as Iโ€™m writing these longer than necessary and majorly long sentence which I should prob put a period in but too apathetic to do so and now Iโ€™m going to end this long sentence with me saying that I wish I was born somewhere else.

Edit: realizes there were a ton of grammar mistakes but is still too apathetic to read them so now he puts a note saying, you should probably not read this but if u do, donโ€™t judge me for it

Virginia, USA. About an hour away from DC.

Joke: from the dark deep depths of the woodlands of minor magic

IRL: born in Philippine, live in Michigan


Indiana, USA

ur indiana jones bean?