QOTD ~ Story Mode Or Open World?

Welcome to another QOTD!

Do you prefer playing games with long story modes :open_book: (Ex: Darksider), or games where you can explore, do whatever you want :world_map:(Ex: Vesteria).
I prefer open world games. :kissing:

Answer in your reply! :point_down:

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Open world with a little bit of story, so like quests and stuff.

both cuz botw and skyrim r good becuz of that

Agreed with kevcrusher, an open world with some story to spice it up.

I like a mix, you have to go by the story, but can still go wherever you want.

what foob said, you can basiclly go anywhere and everywhere but add a small story

I like a lil bit of both as well. I loved BOTW lol