QOTD ~ Movies: Home Or Theater?

Welcome to another QOTD!

Do you prefer watching movies at home :house:or at the movie theater :cinema:(me .3.) ?

Answer in your reply! :point_down:

At the movie theater with recliners. I sneak my own food in also. Ain’t nobody got time for overpriced popcorn.


At home. Outside is scary. Plus, cuddling with my girlfriend while watching Shrek for the 8th time never gets old.

Uhhh… Both. Home is nice so there is no distractions
Theater because big ol’ screen and good food

When you are at the theater, you have to go to other people, meaning you can find a lot of uncomfortable stuff, and you have to pay to watch a movie, along with pay a lot for candy and that stuff, and then need to wait until the movie starts.
If you are at home, you will have a lot less uncomfortable stuff, you pay once and can then watch it as many times as you want, you can get a lot more food for a way lower price, and you can watch whenever you want, and best of all, you don’t even have to sit in an uncomfortable chair, you can even watch a movie at home from your bed if you want to, you can’t get this comfort at a theater.
So I’m definitely going for home

Home so I can play games while watching movies.

theater because i get to see it earlier. i eat before going to the movie theater all of u haven’t thought about that huh?!

I get distracted at home and the theater has the best popcorn that I can add a large and unhealthy amount of butter to!

I like movie theaters but usually just go there when its a new movie I cant wait to watch until it comes out on DvD or Netflix or whatever (aka Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindlewald !) At home is more comfy and I have blankets and stuff so imma say at home.