QOTD ~ Most disgusting food you've eaten 🍴

Welcome to another QOTD;

What is the most disguting food you’ve eaten in your life?

I think it was cereals with um…yogurt milk? :nauseated_face:

Answer in your reply! :point_down:

fish ice-cream

don’t ask

one time i cleaned a skewer with a disinfecting wipe i didn’t want to eat a sandy hot dog so i used that instead of just putting it in the fire then i put the hot dog on the skewer and i put it in the fire for too long then i put it on the buns then i ate a bit of it it tasted like disinfecting wipes that were burnt with meat on it.

this is my second story about eating something disgusting i ate a beetle while swimming it was nasty.

I dipped mushrooms in ketchup and sugar water. Please, just don’t ask why.


Imma do it… Why?

Most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten imo is uh, anything with Vinegar in it besides ketchup and also anything with Seafood


that’s just knockoff oatmeal

too long of a story to explain in under an hour.


Stop! You’re addicted!

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