QOTD ~ Morning Or Night? πŸŒ“

Welcome to another QOTD!

Do you prefer morning :sunrise_over_mountains: or night :night_with_stars:?

I’m a night boi. :new_moon_with_face:

Answer in your reply! :point_down:

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Make a poll…

I prefer morning.

I like getting notified for each new answer, that’s why I don’t make polls.

night cause thats when i see racoons

night so I can sleep and I love darkness

I prefer morning so that I can see if a T-Rex is nearby. Life of an herbivorous dino is hard

Night, because stars are cool. And it’s not because I’m edgy. thx

Night is better because there are fewer humans bothering me at night.

@ZimWolf you’re it.

I have no preference, both work fine with me, but since at day most people are actually awake, meaning that I can socialize, I guess I prefer day.

Night, people don’t bother you. except this forum.

Mor. ning. XD