QOTD ~ Fruits 🍎

Welcome to another QOTD! What’s your favorite froooooot?

Mine is mango cuz YUM

strawberry or banana

do I even need to explain why?

I Don’t Like Any Fruits. I Only Eat 1 Vegetable, Which Is Carrots.

Did you know that there are over 7,500 varieties of Apples grown throughout the world?


my favorite fruit is Rambutan


Strawberries, or apples - but not the soft ones.

Does Pineapple count?

Pizza has tomato sauce, I believe tomatoes are fruits, and if not, they look like apples, and therefore they are fruits. Because of this, a pizza is a fruit, and therefore pizza is my favourite fruit.

tomatoes are fruits

Guess that means pizza’s are fruits then.

yes very true

(also dragonfruits are my favorite fruit)

Dragonfruit or raspberries.

Like a true intellectual, I love to consume the nutritional meal know as chair.

I’m an herbivorous dinosaur. All fruits are nice.


I did not know chairs were fruits? I thought they were vegetables?

Uhh, apples, and watermelon. I like a lot of fruits