QOTD ~ Favo(u)rite Factions ⭐

Hello there! I don’t know most people on the forums so I think it’s a good idea if a start asking questions everyday! My goal is to make everyone know each other a little bit more to make the community more “connected”. :electric_plug:

First question: What is your favo(u)rite faction and why?

Right now, I really like being a hunter because of how fast and inexpensive my skills are. What about you?

Adventurer, it allows me to be mage.
I like mage because magic.

I like Warrior because I like it when all attacks just tickle me. Definitely going defensive route once subclasses are released.

Yeah, same.

I like warrior for that sweet combo potential. (Oh and I guess there’s numping.)

Definitely have to go with Warrior, same as most. As stated above with Subclasses, I’m intrigued to find one that fits my playstyle of hitting hard and taking little to no damage.

mage because i’m always mage in all rpgs

Factionless! Getting level 30 on this is sure to make you look like a bad mo.

Try factionless without spending any skill point or stat point. Now that’s the real challenge.

Mage bcuz its a mage and im always mage