QoL: Quick-View Inventory from Main Menu

For someone who tends to have a lot of slots serving as storage, I tend to have to have to go searching for items I may need. I hate going back to the main menu 20 or so times to find what I am looking for.

Practically, when there are more slots to come for the public, people may want more convenience when searching for items they may want to transfer via storage, so maybe a UI that you could popup showing a preview of a slot’s inventory would be helpful.

Pretty cool idea. I do too find it rather annoying to go in game every time.

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How about just a simple search bar that shows which slot has the item you are looking for?

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This would be a nice QoL.


slots aren’t meant to be used as storage devs want you to actually play on them so probably no

First of all sounds like a tester problem, and second of all because it wasn’t meant to be used like that, I doudt it will really be considered not only that but it’s not really that simple they would have to load everyslots invtory aswell which would just take time compared to doing something like patching bugs