QoL+Bounty Book improvement concept: Increased drop rates in Small Servers

As less Mobs are likely to spawn in smaller servers thanks to recent changes made to prevent people from solo grinding I would like to suggest that drop-rates are greater if there’s less than 25-40% of the total server spaces filled.

I believe this could also great value to the Bounty Book Gamepass as users with said-gamepass could see the current changes in drop-rate by monitoring their books entries, perhaps highlighted in a difference colour to indicate the change.

Even if the change was double the drop-rate, it wouldn’t have a giant impact and farming in a larger server would still be heavily encouraged as even with an increased drop-rate.

For example being in a Sewers server by yourself. increasing the drop-rate by 50% (meaning something like Ratty Vest’s drop rate increasing from 0.025% to 0.050%) - It could then either be disabled in Dungeons OR left as a risky incentive in clearing it.

Please leave your thoughts to this change below.

AMENDMENT: The only way this could technically be abused is through buying Lures - though lures are extremely expensive and would cost significant money to buy. This change would actually make more robux for Vesteria if it gave incentive for people to buy Lures more as they are rarely purchased.

This could be abused by blocking players for smaller servers but doesnt seem too bad of an idea

do doo…

kiri is this for you to grind ancients in sewers more…???

i am suspicious

You’re just asking for this because you want to farm Ancients in the sewers, aren’t you?

Either way, I do think some change is needed to the current mob spawn rates, either by directly buffing the rates, lowering the max server size for a good number of the servers (looking at you massive Forsaken Isle max server size) or something along these lines.

it wouldnt be worth doing that because even with 2x the drop rates it would still be easier to get drops in a full server since alot more then 2x the mobs would spawn.

I labeled this QoL as the actual difference wouldn’t be hugely significant.

For Sewers like you have suggested, the drop-rate is currently 0.08% - doubled would be 0.16%

In a tiny server which spawns less than half of the total mobs that can be generated you would get more scrolls farming a larger server.

My person opinion, it’s not really that good. I just think drops rates should be upped a little since this update would most likely encourage people to block others and there’d be more “private servers” for people to place monster lures and just farm all day, thus leading to inflation on items and the economy getting busted. Seems bad for the long run.

Maybe they could make monster lures only work in servers that are at least 40% filled?

If for example only 20% of the total mobs spawn rather than 100% of mobs in a full server, statistically speaking you would be more likely to get drops from a larger server.

I am not suggesting that a 10/30 server receives 3X the droprate because it only has a 1/3rd of the people. I am suggesting drop rate improvements marginally lower than such a rate. It would not be effective to solo’grind a server than it would be to grind in a full server.