PVP Tips For Me

I’m pretty bad a pvp and GeneralOmegus is hosting a tournament for the best pvp player. I’ve got 1 week to train but I need tips. Does anyone have pvp tips for big boy foobs?

not die

I’ll show some tips at the Colosseum


I’m heading back to the Woodlands, now

Just… Keep strafing? Tine your strikes so you can avoid his more often. And no matter what, you will be hit. Accept it, and live with it. But also adapt to it.

PvP is trash and if you aren’t a warrior with max lunge uppercut your chances at winning aren’t that high against somebody that has like 9 billion STR

PvP is massively unbalanced at the moment so there’s no point in taking it seriously. Just have fun. Also, something in me predicts that with this upcoming major update, Mages will take the spotlight…

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Spam pufferfish, they give so much hp

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Never engage in PVP with Kenderos.

Then, I’m gonna battle him to get better. xd

You don’t understand. You wont get better, it’s nearly random where he strikes.

The harder the battle the better challenges to work on.

Set goals for yourself and work your way up. Meet me at the Woodlands.

Okay then,