Pvp Class balance Beta 2.2 +Latest patch notes that are not out yet Discussion

Currently i think some classes are way stronger than others and Classes that rely on a gimick usually do not do too well well
Classes that overall are strong with more than 1 good ability do really well but Overall warrior is the best, Hunter is second best ,and Mages are the worst overall but their are many exceptions and 1 balance change changes everything.
I have ran a solo and duo tourney and all that was banned was rebuke because it sent people out of our arena

This list will be ordered best to worst

Knight: The best class in general for pvp because of its huge defence, not much loss in attack because of inspire you can still have alot of strength, and the fact that shield bash allows knight to combo so it is good in a solo and duo environment.
Overall best class for pvp

Cleric: Surprisingly the healing class is number 2.
With some vit investment and a buff from their teammate warrior cleric becomes surprisingly tanky being unkillable unless a knight does a really good shield bash into a nice combo or a sorcerer somehow hits earthcall which just does not happen.
Solos Cleric can compete with knight but in duos knight buffs their teammate easier and thats why i have it here at the second best. I actually forgot about rez only thing to say is it good but knight is still better overall just barely

Berserker: These 3 are very close but Knight and Cleric are able to stay alive easy unlike Berserker. It can 1 shot with its stupidly good warcry the best buff but its other 2 abilities sorta suck in a pvp environment. Warcry itself puts Berserker up here at number 3

Ranger: Ranger shoots really fast and has high damage from really long range and has an arrow rain that allows close range classes to not get near it.
But arrow rain is not up 100 percent of the time so it just buys the Ranger time.
I put ranger near the middle because the bigger the arena the better it is it can be better than cleric in big arenas but it can be really low down in small arenas so i have decided on number 4 for Ranger.

Paladin: This is where classes start getting balanced its the worst warrior but the most balanced class by far.
It has a fair heal Smite is ok and Rebuke is stupidly good And overall all that makes it balanced. Paladin should go more for a strength build cause that what rebuke goes off of so i would say paladin is a good option if you wanna heal and not be a mage.
Paladin comes in at number 5

Trickster: Trickster and Paladin are close but Trickster is literally the definition of a gimmick class it has all good abilities on paper disengage shoots you back but other classes can just follow you and corner you if the arena is not infinite which it will not be.
The other higher classes will corner you and since you are running int for another use i will talk about in a sec you are squishy with no defence abilities.
Trickster can put traps in the air to make people look up to dodge them which is really good then Trick can bow them down and take over half but they have to go in the traps which are still sorta easy to dodge.
Trickster can either be really good or really bad So it comes in at number 6.
Also Trickster can infinite if you get 70 int and get the cooldown reduction then switch your opponent into your traps over and over again but its difficult its a high skill and high reward class and Because of this im going to put it lower

Assassin: Assassin is number 7 because first of all it can not use a bow without being seen while in invis.
It can one shot non warriors but you need to either crit on a backstab into an execute or 2 backstabs which is only possible if the first backstab is the fourth moko dagger hit.
Assassin is completely countered by a cleric player and the best way to deal with an assassin is to just run around and when it pops out just kill it since it can not do damage unless it has a lot of strength or even dex if you run it right
That means it has no vit no defence abilities so it was and easily can be squashed by a fly.

Warlock: This is taking into account the new pillage vitality changes and yes Warlock seems to be good when you are at range from it but mages are the easiest thing to get close to and at close range you will kill it faster than it kills you.
Warlock is just a spam class that can easily be gap closed and attacked because it relies on a couple of hits from its pillage
Like i said gimmick classes do not do well but maybe Warlock will rise higher if someone finds a good way to use it but currently it sits at number 8

Sorcerer: I bet you are wondering why the highest dps class is sitting at the bottom well its because it has the health of an assassin and can not go invisible.
Icecall is a good reach ability but during its animation you can only walk which can be your death if a good player jumps
Fireball fully upgraded can shread but thing is again you stand still and if your opponet gets on you you are dieing first
Earthcall Is your last chance and oh wait it sucks for this class its a stun that if you somehow hit its a free kill for you
Sounds nice well it has the smallest hitbox and you will never use it so thats why i think sorcerer is the worst class for pvp squishy and can not take advantage of its damage before its dead

This list applies to 1v1 and 2v2 tourneys only no health pots and i hope you were able to get all the way through my post
I hope you can give some feedback to this because i spent alot of time on it

As great as this is, ber doesn’t (at the moment) really care about pvp. His main focus is pve and content right now

Yeah im aware i know he does not care but its here and more awareness means the chance of him noticing it

Arrow rain is REALLY GOOD. I fought a ranger earlier with arrow rain, and if I was in the middle of it, I would be dead before the magic bomb casting animation was done. It dealt at least 370 damage per tick, in a wide area, many times.

Erm, both Rebuke and Smite go off of INT. Also, I’d argue that smite is much better than rebuke since it has a cooldown 6x shorter, does the same amount of damage, and can still have a wide range. I still think Paladin is around mid-tier though, in both PvP and PvE.

Proof Rebuke uses INT:


I heard it went off strength i would not know though cause we had to ban rebuke in testing cause it knocked out the arena so i would not know and if someone smites you dodge it tbh paladin did not do well but rebuke knockback is just a lot and is really undodgeable

Arrow rain takes a second to come out after the animation and is really easy to dodge if you know what you are doing you should not take damage from arrow rain

Rebuke is perfectly dodge-able due to its extremely long charge-up time, it takes approx. a full second for Rebuke to hit once the Paladin starts to use it. A Mage’s Blink or Warrior’s Combat Roll can escape it with ease. Also, since most Paladins still have mostly STR-based builds, Rebuke won’t do too much damage either.

Its mostly the knockback and if a good warrior will hit you with groundslam they will way easier hit you with rebuke

In PvP, Rebuke does very little knockback unless the user has a Mushroom Sword.

It shoots very far and high far enough to give you a lot of space for example shoots you outside the colo in testing

Rebuke shouldn’t deal that much knockback to players, it may have something to do with being in the Testing Realm.

i couldnt tell ya im just saying thats what it does in testing

I read the first few paragraphs, you are smoking something.

Can you give an exanple of what you do not agree with

Knight is not the best overall class in fact is it is terrible, the shield does not give a def boost and they dont have any good pvp abilities.

The shield gives a 12.5% defence boost if you do the math shield bash is the best pvp ability in the game and inspire is a def buff for all ur teammates

Shield bash is terrible…

Explain how its the best pvp ability in the game.

7 second stun big hitbox people that fight v me want it banned