PvP Betting System

Say you want to fight someone with a bet. Once you accept a duel from someone, a UI will pop up saying if you want to bet on the player who challenged the other player. If that player says yes, they can enter the amount they want to bet. Once they enter and accept the amount, the other player will receive a notification saying “[Player] is betting x Gold on the duel. Do you accept the bet?” If they say no, the duel will be canceled. If they say yes, the duel will start and the two players can spar. When a player wins, x amount of gold will be deducted from the losing player, and x amount of gold added to the other player.

Sounds like a great idea, we’ll see what we can do. :smiley:


Really, bargaining is a sin… LOL.


omg, that is such a great idea

Oooooo… poly likes the idea :grin:

You should make it so people that are at least level 10 can bet, because people can bring in alts.

People would trade with alts anyway to get their silver.

Meta is The Sin Slayer, he does not sin.

:face_with_monocle: since when is bargaining a sin…

Sounds a lot like Dungeon Delvers, which I love!