PvP Based Content

After you guys patch and fix the current pvp systen by adding longer cooldows for potions well for pvp atleast and also giving us bigger hitboxes, We really need to have an increased hitbox esp for Hunters.

Having some form of pvp content such as battlegrounds,Team Death Match,Capture The Flag,and King of the hill. those could also provide a great way of gaining good amount of xp. Sort of how world of warcraft did and other mmorpgs. Where you had options to do PVE based content to level upp and getting rewards or PVP based system of gaining rewards. And maybe on you guys could host tournuments every now and then where the top 5 players could win a unqie strong reward. This would make the game even more active, since most people tends to leave after they reach around level 24, Beacuse they can’t stand the current grind. I think adding this would make alot of pvp players happy and people will have options of which way to level upp, since you guys are going to add Duengons and raids soon into the game people who don’t like PVP can chosse that way to level upp instead while people who likes pvp could pick these game modes instead.

PvP mini-games would be cool but I’m uneasy about the methods of getting xp from this. If you got xp for killing a player it might be easily abused, if you get it per round it would be ez afk grind, if you get it per round based on performance it’s back to geing easily abused.

I think, instead, there should just be unique gear added. Maybe cool cosmetic stuff to show off? Gold wagering? Better PvP gear? Etc.

It’s worth pointing out PvP needs a complete overhaul otherwise any of these additions won’t be cared for and will be overlooked, for good reason! I think being able to select a player target to attack would be a better way of fixing PvP than bigger hitboxes, that could get messy. I know I shouldn’t make it sound like WoW but, hey, they do some stuff good.

I mean obv you’re going to get more xp if you win the pvp rounds/game modes, and roblox already has an auto kick system. Also the more active you are during those game modes, the more xp and cash you will get, Such as the MVP and etc. and like i said the only time you can get these powerfull gears, is if the devolopers will host a public tournument where people with a very high level raiting can enter it and the top 5 winners of that will get both a good and unqie reward and a title name. Sort of what they did in Arcane adventure which was very cool feature to be seen, I just hope the devolopers of this game does it way better as in telling us in advance when that will happen and etc.

I’ll probably make a video highlighting changes to PvP mechanics and gamemodes/events that can come out of it when it happens.

Player with the most FFA kills gets a rare item?