PvP ability/perk rebalancing

NOTE: This will only apply to PvP areas of the game (in duels, colo, ect.).

Let’s start with perks:

Bounce Back (mushroom sword):
I think this perk should be mutually exclusive with rebuke (if you equip the mush sword, rebuke goes away). This will make so that paladins won’t knock you back super far.
Shattering Hit (30 STR):
Shattering Hit won’t work for the following abilities: Blade Spin, Hail of Arrows, Ultimate abilities that hit more than once.
Twilight (astrologist’s scepter)
Mana stars will act a lot like how shotgun arrows act, each star that hits halves the next star that hits, and the stars have the same base power as magic missile at they level they have magic missile.

now for the abilities:
Meteor Strike (Cataclysm) will not inflict a burn debuff, instead it will inflict a burnt armor debuff that lasts for .5 seconds, which reduces defense by 10 (like ichor from terraria) and is cancelled upon taking damage.
Prism Trap and Shadow Flurry will no longer have infinite vertical range.
Ultimate abilities will use up 5% OF MAX HP AND 50% OF MAX MP (if the ultimate doesn’t take up 50% of max MP making them very risky to use.
Shadow Walk (Invis) will have it’s base power a quarter of its normal power.
All stuns will have half of the normal duration.
Regeneration increases HP regeneration instead of providing a small amount of healing
Health Potions are half as effective.

HP regen rework:
HP regen will be increased by: using regeneration, standing still will double HP regen, walking will have normal HP regen, running will half HP regen, There is a timer that increases HP regen over time, but it resets if you take damage.

I have to say this:

  1. Just make Bounceback utterly nonfunctional, removing the desirability for Mushroom Sword in PvP.
  2. What does Shattering Hit do? Doesn’t it stun? And if you get hit by Hail of Arrows more than twice, you genuinely need to get better at PvP. If you get hit a lot by such an easy-to-dodge skill, you need to get better.
  3. Remove Twilight utterly. Even if there isn’t a mage anywhere near, Twilight allows them to killsteal with ease.
  4. Disable Meteor entirely.
  5. Prism Trap and Shadow Flurry are easy to dodge, just keep moving.
  6. What is an “Ultimate Ability”? Have those already been implemented?
  7. Disable Shadow Walk entirely, it causes so much grief.
  8. Negate stunning entirely
  9. Leave HP regen as is, but disable potions/consumables

I think shadow walk should still exist, but have less offensive capabilities, I mean if you have ravager vest, its the only way to survive.
meteor is just going to not burn and be slightly weaker.

Who uses Rav vest? It is genuinely horrible, the perk would only trigger if something is VERY wrong. Gladiator Armor, Gladiator Boots, and Skull Mask are the only good things from Colo shop rn.

ravager is sort of good with trickster, and shadow flurry is really hard to dodge if there’s a skilled assasin, shadow flurry has really long vertical range on shadow flurry, and sandshulker is better than skull mask in terms of the given stats. Twilight should not be removed, it’s a perk from a quest item. Shadow walk also shouldn’t be removed, it’s the only way an assasin can get close without dying. Stunning should stay the same, because stunning barely does anything right now. I do definitely agree with the disable consumables, and meteor should not be removed again, because you seem to be taking all of these classes’ good abilities and taking them away.

Simple balance.

When a medium-range Sorcerer is outdamaging a long-range Ranger/Sniper, then there’s an issue (this assumes same-quality gear, like webbed staff and spider leg bow for example, both unscrolled). Seriously Meteor and Frostcall are too OP for PvP.

meteor is getting overhauled as it will be turned into an ultimate, cataclysm.
I don’t see any problems with frostcall.