PvE Balance Beta 2.2

Like my PvP balance list im going from best to worst
not mush more to be said

Ranger: With the new death penalty nobody should deny that ranger with the best dps in the game should not be the best PvE class
Ranger can sit far away have stupidly high dps even without arrow rain but when you add arrow rain its a bit much.
Ranger is a boring class to play and its overpowered so what they should do is make new gimicks like different kinds or arrows like homing or elemental.
With these changes they should make ranger fun but nerf rangers stance and arrow rain, while buffing rikochet

Sorcerer: With the Sorcerers new meteor storm it goes from like 6th to 2nd because of how good of a farming tool it is.
A humongous range with big damage and 30% health burn with a big radius.
Icecall with a lot of range and damage in general.
Earthcall if you put some points into it has a nice stun on enemies, Its not worth maxing with 2 other really good abilities but by itself its fine.
Sorcerer has 2 really op moves and 1 normal move making it a really good PvE class

Cleric: Currently healing is really unneeded with Subs Existing but Cleric has really high magic bomb dps with its Holy Magic perk. Get a webbed staff with a lot of int and you will melt giants as a healing class, But the main reason Cleric is going against the damage classes is Rez.
Its invalueable in Dungeons and keeping people alive who have died in non protected places.
Because of Holy magic and Rez Cleric comes in pretty high on this list

Berserker All of these classes are about equal in dps but Berserker is down here because how close it gets to enemies.
Ferocious assault is a nice amount of dps, So is bladespin and warcry just increases that.
Well Warcry can buff your whole party.
Thing is for all of this you have to be close to enemies with no healing which is risky with the death penalty.
Thats why berserker is the worst out of the 3 dps classes and is also worse than clerics utility and dps

Paladin: Paladin is an average dps class with a Nice overtime heal, Paladin hes rebuke which is some nice aoe, Smite is nice with big range and nice damage, And Prayer gives your whole team some sustain.
Paladin coming off of warrior makes it a nice class overall just for utility and dps.
Thing is paladin is way worse than Berserker and this is where things fall off

Knight: Knights best move is inspire turning it into a tank, while taunt is used to make enemies take more damage buffing your teammates, While shield bash is a stun you can use to help your team. Knight is a really simple class that just has the tankyness to sit in the fight to keep putting some dps in. Knight is simply just an overall average class that needs buffs overall

Warlock: Warlock has some nice dps off of pillage vitality, adding simulacrim and its not too bad issue is thats literally all it has that is worth doing.
Its not worth using dark pulse because of small range and horrible damage, and its better to use pots than switch your health for mana.
I propose Pillage Vitality to stay the same, Simulacrim to teleport to your blink location when sim is lvl 2 Copies thundercall at lvl 3, and Copies half of magic bomb at lvl 5,
Health to mana needs to be a percentage ratio then Warlock would be a good class

Trickster: Trickster is one of the worst classes because of no dps abilities but its better than assassin because you can trap 3 enemies, and disengage away.
Trickster needs a huge rework to be good in Pvp and PvE while not being op in One or the other.
I have no clue what they could do to fix it to be honest

Assassin: Assassin has nothing for PvE Invis is just a im going to die lets run ability, sure it does some damage if you come out of it but its not enough to do to really increase your dps.
Step through shadow is literally useless in PvE currently, and The shadow stab ability does not do enough damage currently.
I would say assassin should get a new ability and a buff on shadow stab

This is my list thanks for Reading it and make sure to tell me what you think in the comments

Honestly; I feel as sorcerer now has an actual good AoE move now.

It does damage once and then deals damage over time.

Flare does damage and then heals the person.

Arrow rain is constantly dealing damage.

Bladespin is an AoE attack that you can move around.


This makes it so that sorcerer is keeping up with some of the other classes. And if you’re saying it’s too op in pvp, just close range with the sorcerer because there is a wait time for the actual meteor to come.

Edit: Assassin is actually pretty good for PvP and for PvE. Shadow Flurry, ( you called it shadow stab) is a good AoE move dealing high amounts of damage. Step Through Shadow can be utilized as well.
Imagine you’re going against and swarm of mobs. You use shadow flurry but it doesn’t kill all of them and you’re about to be killed.
Place a shadow thing.
Go invis and run. Drink a potion/ eat a sub.
Teleport back to that place and finish them off.

I never said sorcerer was OP it’s a dps class now and in PvE Sorcerer is fine
Thinking about it assassin is better than trickster because its damage but the thing is with assassin it needs more damage for its squishyness