Putting some more info into Monster Book

Right now, the monster book provides useful information about all monsters currently in Vesteria. It’s great, but it is missing a few Items.

For example, the Yeti can drop Ancient STR Scrolls, Cursed DEF Scrolls, Plated Iron Helmet, Icicle, and Yeti boots, of which none are shown in the monster book. There needs to either be a scrollbar so it can show more than just 8 items per entry, multiple pages per monster, etc.

Additionally, some monsters, such as the Yeti and Spider Queen, have multiple drop cycles per kill. The Monster Book should also show how many drop cycles that monster will do upon killing.

Finally, as another function for idols, for boss monsters such as the Spider Queen or Yeti, having many idols (like maybe 1 per 5 idols) will increase the amount of drop cycles the monster executes for you upon death.