Put Ideas for Moves Here!

I’ll keep adding moves as we go… These are just random move suggestions, some of them may be utterly dumb, have to admit—
Lethal Dosage - Trickster move - poison an enemy with a lethal dose. If they die, they will revive and fight on your side. Of course this doesn’t work on players. What did you think?

Twofold - Assassin move - Create a clone that has 1/8 of your total health and power that immediately attacks nearby things with a dagger.

Vertigo - Ultimate move??? - Warlock - Control one hostile mob below a certain strength to fight for you. As you level up, the strength cap goes higher. Downside is, you have to personally control it, leaving you defenseless. Once you max it out, the mob automatically fights for you.

Finally, a place.

I have a lot, I’ll be back.

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oh shoot this is gonna be big

Yup. HUGE.

alright mr. charged creeper boss

Alright here we go. My others seem to have disappeared.

Mage/Cleric Skill: Judgement
When used, it creates a glowing white runic-looking circle around the caster. Shortly after, about 1.5 seconds, a huge flash of white light is unleashed, dealing significant (roughly 1.5k to an unarmored level 20, assuming level 1 skill). To get this skill, you must have Mage Bomb level 6 (if mage skill) or Flare level 5 (if cleric skill).
Possibly instead a variant of Flare, that doesn’t do healing in favor of higher damage. High INT variant of Flare if Cleric Skill.

10 second cooldown, 5 levels.

Warlock Ultimate: Horcrux
You place it down wherever you were when you used the skill. Then, when your HP drops to 0, you cannot be Resurrected nor suffer death penalty. Instead, you immediately respawn at 10% HP where you placed the Horcrux. The skill remains in use until you either use its ability or leave the map. You cannot use the skill again while it is in use. It would work once, then be done.


Assassin’s passive: Hunt or be hunted

Every 5th hit on a target (discluding abilites) will deal a guaranteed crit and put them invis for 3 seconds and refreshing Step Through Shadow a bit faster. If the target has not been hit in 4 seconds, the ability resets and the cooldown is commenced with only 50% of the cooldown being put into effect, pressuring a cc combat
(15 sec cooldown) [does not work with bow] {abilites will reset the timer for the passive, but not add on a stack}
This allows hunters to be more agressive and take on fights a bit more often, knowing that a 5th attack that will deal a guaranteed crit will land a big blow on the enemy, while it does come with the risk of dying to aoe or attacks that can deal fatal blows, if the assassin decided to back up and run, the ability resets and the defender is given the window of opportunity to strike and land a killing blow, as the attacker is rendered useless without abilites, only the ability to run. The 100% crit is to maintain that if the hunter decides to take the risk and go in, that they will be rewarded with a easier kill.

"Am I too vicious?
Oh, how delicious!
Let’s try another game!

The rules are simple:
It’s kill or be killed!
Fight back or you’ll be maimed!"
– Man on the Internet, Undertale the Musical: Your Best Nightmare

Seriously, that’s exactly the vibe I get.


well hello there voldemort

Yes, yes, that is loosely the basis. Seriously though that gives off an “eldritch” or “weird dark magic” vibe don’t it?


Subclass: Assassin
Skill Name: Backstab
Levels: 10
Description: The Assassin goes invisible for a short time (3 seconds at max lvl). At the end of that time, they make a powerful strike similar to Execute, but with roughly 2.5x the damage. After this strike, the Assassin suffers large (40-50%) reductions to Defense, Attack, and Max HP for one minute, while gaining a minor speedboost for 10 seconds. If the attack hits, a humanoid mob (such as a player, Bandit, or Bandit Skirmisher, for example) has a flat 20% chance to be slain outright.

Reasoning: Assassins strike me as the archetypal “knife in the dark”, dealing massive damage initially but very weak if caught in prolonged combat.

Subclass: Warlock
Attack name: Souls of the Undead

A dark shadow/dark shadows pull nearby enemies down into the ground. While underground, they take damage and if they don’t die, they just pop up again. The radius, the amount of time underneath, and amount of damage depends on how upgraded it is or their stats. At Max level, enemies will be underground for about 5-6 seconds and does 150 to a level 40 without armor.

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This is basically basically describing a weaker version of what assassins do already. Go invis, shunpo.

I don’t think a debuff would be needed. Assassins should be able to hold their own against multiple enemies at once though, while specializing in targeting one opponent.

cough cough insta killing Auktufiti Me cough cough

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im gonna pretend i didnt read that because i do it too

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