Put a patch notes somewhere

When a new thumbnails in the vesteria, theres something happening, thats all we really know that somethings changed or added but not like exact information. In the death update we got a message thats sort of like a patch note, so im proposing a like patch note website sort of like the forums page but if you look in the patch nots section, there really isn’t anything other then the alpha patch notes so like a new website with all the info like ex.“Blink distance reduced by 10%” like that.

If you’re in the Vesteria Discord, you could check #upcoming-updates.

The official discord server has a channel for all updates to the game, as well as some other fun stuff, at discord.gg/vesteria

darn, i thought that they closed it but now i realized that only the chat was closed

Even then, #mushtown in the server is back

idk what that is oh wait nvm

@Meta i just you can close this

Don’t close this lol

he should, this got answered.