Punishes, or Blocking

 What are punishes?

 Punishes are attacks that follow up after doing a specific action that leaves the enemy open for attack.

 Such as: Reflect. A barrier which is used by the mage to deny attacks.
 Counter: Storms with lightning all around the Mage if it blocked a melee attack, but calls a pillar of fire on where the ranged enemy is if it blocked a... Well... Ranged attack.

This is my idea for adding a sense of defense to the game. Hope this isn’t just filler, hopefully this isn’t another New Feature to throw in the dumpster, (hopefully not spamming features. XD), and finally. Hopefully it adds essence to the battles if it’s added.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day. :smiley:

Again, a irrelevant title. Just post the name of your idea.

[Last Feature request of my day] Punishes

The only reasons your topics are scrapped is because you don’t make clear what they’re about in the title or body. And yes, you are spamming topics— but that is allowed here.

Punishes is the title. The first half was so Berezaa doesn’t think I’m spamming.

My word, when you spam, but don’t mean to…

Mind posting a title for me to add instead?

your title is exactly what berezaa doesnt want. Just name it “Punishes”

Is that better?


I named it Punishes earlier. You tell me it’s not getting straight to the point, now you tell me to name it Punishes again? Which is it?!

There! Is that better now?

Jeez louize…

your title STILL says: “[Last Feature request of my day] Punishes”
I mean remove everything BUT “Punishes”.

Berezaa doesn’t care if this is your last topic of the day. Just get straight to the point.

Punishes is 8 letters long. I need 15. I can’t spam dots, so I’d have to spam a letter to fit the Quota.

New Feature - Punishes

Oh my word… I feel like an idiot now. .-.