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This topic is the same as Bean602’s Chest Guide, but I made it a wiki topic so it is editable by anyone who is a Basic user (I asked him beforehand). If you find any new chests, or wish to clarify the location of certain chests, feel free to add them into this guide. You can insert pictures of the chest when you find them if you’d like. Make sure it is of decent quality.

This guide will tell you how to get every chest in Vesteria.

All wooden chests can be opened once every 24 hours. Golden and bluesteel chests can only be opened once per character slot.

Demo Clearing

There are 4 wooden chests and 2 golden chests in the Demo Clearing.

  1. Near the campfire where you spawn.
  2. Behind The Shopkeeper in front of a potion stand.
  3. On the bridge to Nilgarf.
  4. Under the Bridge on the right side when facing away from the unusable entrance to the Mushroom Forest.
  5. Inside of the treehouse near where you respawn if you die. As far as I know the only way to get up to this chest is by bouncing off of the mushroom below the treehouse. Contains 3 100% Scrolls for Weapon Attack and 1 70% Great Scroll for Weapon Attack.
  6. Go all the way to the back-right portion of the map when you are facing the front of the bridge with the two guards on it. There is a cave with a golden chest inside of it. Contains Old Fishing Rod and 10 Fresh Fish.

There are 7 wooden chests in Mushtown.

  1. Directly backwards from where you spawn for the first time, in a small cave hidden under some boards.
  2. Under the little bridge that you cross when you head out of the main entrance to Mushtown.
  3. Inside of a house that is to the left of the guy who calls the Baby Shrooms “Little Bouncy Demons”.
  4. Under the pier on the lake. Simply sit on the end of the pier and then get up and you should find it.
  5. Way behind the town out where it looks like there is nothing there, there is a little cave with a chest in it. (I think this one was the hardest to find in Mushtown lol.)
  6. When you spawn go down the path with chickens on it, nearby there is a tower with another chest on top of it and some mushrooms nearby. If you jump on the big mushroom in the right place you will be launched upwards to where the chest is.
  7. Once you cross the bridge in front of Mushtown, follow the path to the Mushroom forest until you see three small-ish mushrooms growing on a wall. if you can jump on these correctly you will make it up to a cave with a chest inside of it.

If you really just cannot make it up those mushrooms, you can also just walk up the cliff if you go a bit further to the left.

Mushroom Forest

There are 3 wooden chests and 1 golden chest in Mushroom Forest.

  1. Turn right (aboutt 45 degrees I think) while facing the path that leads to The Clearing from the Mushtown entrance and inside of a large hill there is a decent sized cave with a chest inside.
  2. GOLDEN CHEST - GIVES MUSHROOM HAT! If you follow the path heading from Mushtown to The Clearing you should eventually see a big orange mushroom with a few smaller mushrooms around it. Jump onto the purplish-pinkish mushroom and then onto the orange mushroom, and try and go straight up the first time. You should see a little treehouse on a tree to your right. land on the ground again, then again jump onto the dark red mushroom then the orange one and try and land on the treehouse. It helps if you sprint while in the air above the treehouse. then go inside the door and there is a chest. [This one was BY FAR the HARDEST one to get out of any that I have gotten so far. (Thx Devs :unamused:)] The Mushroom Hat gives a +5 jump bonus and a +3 Defense bonus. Here is a link for if you need a better explanation of it than I can give you [Need help obtaining the mushroom hat? Here is a guide to get it!
  3. Facing the entrance to The Clearing from the Mushroom Forest, walk left a bit and you should see a strange looking pillar of terrain with a fallen tree and a large mushroom beneath it. If you can jump onto the mushroom in the correct position you will launch on top of the terrain pillar and there is a chest.
  4. Behind and to the left of the giant orange mushroom you use to get chest #2, there is a large fallen down tree. At the furthest end of it there is a chest.
The Clearing

There are 2 wooden chests in the Clearing.

  1. Under the bridge if u go between two of the rocks and jump up there is a chest in an indent on the wall.
  2. Underwater in the middle of the lake./details]

There are 4 wooden chests in Nilgarf.

  1. As soon as you enter Nilgarf from The Clearing, turn right. there is a chest on a balcony 2-3 stories above you. Follow the path to the right and go inside the first building with an open door. Go all the way to the top floor of the building and exit. You will be on another balcony, turn left and jump onto the roof of some buildings and go to the balcony with the chest on it.
  2. There is a chest above the shop, jump on some barrels beside the shop to get up to it.
  3. There is a shop looking thing right next to the entrance to Seaside Shore, and on top of it there is some sort of crane/pulley mechanism. A platform with a chest is hanging down from that machine.
  4. When you are facing the entrance to Seaside Path, turn left. The first house that you see has a chest on top of it. Climb up a rock and jump onto some tree branches to reach it.
Seaside Path

There are 2 wooden chests in Seaside Path.

  1. When you enter Seaside Path from the Farmlands, go straight (don’t follow the path) and up the first hill you see. There is a small hole in the top of the hill with a chest inside.
  2. There is an island out in the water (or else it wouldn’t be an island, duh) and there is a rock sticking above the surface of the water attached to the island. On the opposite side of the island there is a rock under water. There is a small hole under this rock that leads to a small cave with a chest inside.
Crabby Den

There is a single golden chest in Crabby Den.

  1. GOLDEN CHEST - GIVES OLD FISHING ROD! Inside a cave that is next to a large pink (I think its pink anyways) shell on the floor.
The Colosseum

There is a single wooden chest in the Colosseum.

  1. Go into the colosseum and head towards the fallen down tree. Jump on top of the tree and run to the other endand there is a chest.
  2. There’s 7 chests in the middle of Colosseum

There are 3 wooden chests in Farmlands.

  1. Under the bridge that leads back into Nilgarf, there is an under-water maze of sorts. If you enter from the entrance under the bridge, take the first left, turn right at the intersection, and then take the next left and jump up to get the chest.
  2. There is a chest up in a tree in front of the bridge leading from/to the Enchanted Forest. to get to it jump up on the light green tree beside a blue tent, jump onto the tree branch, make ur way over to the branch to the right when ur facing the trunk, go on one of the branched that is sticking out of it, and jump up to the chest. If you’re a mage you have to use blink to get to the chest, if you are a warrior or hunter you can double jump or super jump up to the top probably.
  3. Next to the dead tree with a chest in it, there is some water with a wall next to it. Under the water is a chest.
Enchanted Forest

There are 5 wooden chests and 1 golden chest in Enchanted Forest.

  1. There is a chest behind the waterfall in the little village. Jump on top of the house to reach it.
  2. GOLDEN CHEST - Gives Great Scroll of Weapon Attack (70%). In the underground spider maze there is a small hole in a pile of rocks, jump down in it, keep walking, then jump down into the water and you will see the chest.
  3. In the cliffside village thingie, there is a small part of the lake that goes out into a sort of partial river thingie. At the end of that there is a chest under water.
  4. Behind the waterfall at what I assume is going to be the entrance to the Mage’s city.

5 & 6. If you climb up one of the mountains there are two chests on top. One is by a tree and the other is near a cliff.

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