Proposition to Spawnrates

recently, this

now this change is good in faith and all, yeah this is good in response to the people that block everyone to privately farm scrolls n’ cash

however there’s one situation unaccounted for with this change: how this affects lower levels

flashback to colosseum

when Vesteria was in a very low state (us waiting for subclasses), the Colosseum was practically useless as there was no player interaction. the Colosseum is an entirely player driven content area. there’s nothing wrong with that as long as the game is active, which isn’t a constant factor when you’ve seen the highs and lows of vesteria’s player count, as we’re currently in a lower state.

the proposition

the spawnrate of mobs should be based off the average level of the players in the server, and not the # of players in the server. why should this be the case? let’s see a situation

billy, a level 16 adventurer wants to try his hand at leveling up again
however, the shores are barren and dry empty because we’re all waiting on the next big update

without any mobs to farm, he quite literally cannot progress in the game without going to a more dangerous area where he will more likely die, face the death penalty, and become frustrated as he can’t farm at an area for his level

now say spawnrate was based on the average level of players of the server
mobs would not spawn as frequently as a big server, but enough for billy to feel like he is progressing ingame.

if a ton of level 40s just jump into the sewers, the spawnrate should be at average unless affected by Lures. if a ton of level 20s just jump into the sewers, they should be able to farm a lot more


Reasonable spawnrate scaled on implied skill level
Allows farming even with the game in a low state
Will encourage people to farm at required area


Outliers in the average may benefit from the algorithm (a level 45 in a level 20 filled server)
Harder to implement and adjust for fairness

overall that is my idea

This basically totally goes against what Berezaa is trying to achieve. This gives even more incentive to block everyone and get your own server. To be honest, I’d say just let if happen. I see an extremely low chance that Berezaa is going to even consider this. Vesteria’s time as the ultimate community driven MMORPG is over. Berezaa sees Vesteria as his playground. His and his alone. He has the power and authority to roll out any update be it a good one or bad one, as long as he thinks it’s what he wants.

did you read it

the spawnrate should be low enough to simulate the feeling of progression, not normal for every server

As a low level (around lvl 20), would you want to go to a nilgarf sewers server, filled to the brim with high levels (35 ish) or would you rather block them and get your own private server where it’s just you

you would block them and get a private server that would be much slower to level up than dealing with the level 35s, or benefit off party xp and shared gains with a much higher spawn rate

and this is assuming that the sewers are filled with level 35s which is an unlikely scenario (as of now)

Say there were 4 lvl 35s in the sewers and billy,who now has leveled up to lvl 20, feels adventurous and decides to head into the sewers. If you were to take the average level between these players it would be 32. Billy enters the sewers and watches the lvl 35s wipe out all of the rattys and battys. Billy then waits. And waits. And waits. Until finally a few mobs spawn. Exalted, billy runs towards the rattys, hungry for some delicious exp, only to watc them get destroyed right in front of him by a lvl 35 ranger. Furious, billy blocks all the lvl 35s and quits the game. Joining back, billy now finds himself in the sewers in a server where it is just him. The server now has an average of lvl 20 and billy gets to get all the mobs for himself. What a joy!

Honestly, I understand what you are trying to achieve. However, I don’t see much of a chance that Berezaa would look at this and suddenly have a change of heart

my solution: make it so it’s more worthwhile to grind in a higher level place than a lower level place

and weapons put away from shops so they won’t get anything good if they cower in the sewers or something

this idea’s con of outliers would totally ruin the experience of regular players if unlucky, and may even encourage high levels because itd average out to be closer to their level

too bad the only higher level place is lag infested

honestly the game is so built up on so many conflicting issues that cause one another and the additions only add to the list

fix the lag instead of adding a bandage that has flaws

welcome to the vesterian development cycle

So in an individual server mobs would spawn on the average basis of just me, who’s level 45? :money_mouth_face:

Sorry. This doesn’t work.

the higher the average the lower the maximum potential spawnrate
i don’t see how that is giving off any other gist than just reading my propostion then posting

another term to describe it is that the spawnrate is inversely proportional to the player level average

Not a bad idea, although I’d say a better solution is to scale spawnrate off of total players entirely rather then level.

My idea

How this would work is that the spawnrate would be determined by:

  • Number of players in your server out of total of all servers of that type
  • Number of players in your server out of the server’s maximum

The spawnrate would be determined by the greater of the two.
Here’s some examples to get a better idea of what I mean.

Scenario 1

Let’s say there’s 3 servers. One full with 20 people, a small server with 4 people, and a server with 1 person who blocked everyone to get in there. These servers have a maximum of 20 people. In total, there are 25 people.

In the server of 20 people, the server is 100% full and 80% of all players would be in it. Therefore, this server has 100% spawnrate.
In the server with 4 people, the server is 20% full and 16% of all players would be in it. This gives the server a 20% spawnrate.
In the server with 1 person, the server is 5% full and 4% of all players are in it, so it has a 5% spawnrate.

In this scenario, the server with someone who blocked everyone only has a 5% spawnrate, a small server has reduced spawnrate, and a full server has maximum spawnrate.

Scenario 2

Let’s say there’s 2 servers. One with 4 people, and one with 1 person who blocked everyone. Still, the servers have a 20-player maximum. In total, there are 5 people.

The first server has 20% capacity but 80% of all players, and has 80% spawnrate as a result.
The second server has 5% capacity but 20% in total, and has 20% spawnrate as a result.

This way, the person in the second server has a hard time grinding while the people in the first are relatively unimpeded, even though they don’t have too many people online.

Scenario 3

Let’s say it’s a particularly dead night and there’s only one server with one person, and a 20-player capacity per server.

The one server has 5% capacity, but 100% of all players are on it. Therefore, that one person still gets to grind to their full potential even though they’re the only one there.

This way, having a single server benefits everyone as the spawnrate is locked at 100% and can help de-incentivize blocking to create more servers, providing reason to work together in a bigger, single server.

Based on this idea, slow nights could still have players grinding like normal but people blocking to create their own servers still have a harder time grinding. Plus, it helps bring more players during slow hours who seek to grind so the game can have more consistently online players.

Any thoughts?


it’d be a good idea but roblox limitations hinder that a little bit
this would also scale terribly if the game were to have, say 2 thousand players

How do you mean? If there were say, a server of 15 people in 1000 total, that server would have a 75% spawnrate; it chooses between the greater of the two, and 75% (players/capacity) is a lot bigger than 1.5% (players/all).

I could see limitations making a problem though, maybe each server sending a request for player counts every 1 minute (and immediately upon creation) to prevent lag. All they would need is the number of players in itself and the total number of all players.

thinking about this what if a level 45 goes into mushtown :flushed: