Proc coefficient, and how it could improve the current meta

At the moment, I’ve found that certain class skills have been much stronger than others in ways they definitely shouldn’t.
This includes skills like bladespin, magic missile, and hail of arrows in particular.
Before I talk about what proc coefficient is, you can read about it here and here. Proc coefficient is a system used in the diablo franchise as well as risk of rain 2, with the latter being the more well known case of a proc coefficient system.
To sum it up, proc coefficient exists to make sure that certain attacks don’t cause too many on-hit effects such as debuffs or stuns.

The effect from the having 20 strength gives you a perk called “Shattering hit”. This perk has a 5% chance to proc a 1 second stun on any attack, including skills like hail of arrows, bladespin, and even venom bomb to an extent.
There is a similarly broken perk at 20 vitality called “Fortitude” which gives a 5% chance to completely negate damage taken, although that is something I intend to talk about another day.

Those three skills can rapidly hit enemies for great chip damage, and benefit massively from shattering hit. Even with 70 dexterity, a hunter’s dagger will still activate said perk less often than those three skills can.

This is problematic when you consider the perk of the spider leg bow, “Webbed shots”. Webbed shots completely ignores the damage of the skill, and just outright applies an unavoidable slowness debuff.
This debuff allows hail of arrows, (and presumably other skills too if other classes ever get access to something like webbed shots) to activate said stun effect even more often, allowing for more stuns and slowness debuffs to be applied onto the target.

This leads to unavoidable, game-breaking stunlocks that can occur out of nowhere and lead to an enemy being killed with no way to defend themselves whatsoever.

So, TLDR: Effects like shattering hit exist, which can be heavily abused by skills like hail of arrows. My proposal is to implement a proc coefficient system for all of these skills, so that they aren’t just unavoidable stunlocks.

laughs in 20 STR Webbed Staff user

Yeah, we need something like this.

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Thanks for the information :innocent:

Yeah this is a big problem for pvp, it gives an unfair advantage

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I was wondering what the proc coefficient means in risk of rain! Thanks for explaining it so nicely. This is certainly something we can implement.


A formula that takes into consideration the number of attacks and makes the proc chance for each skill the same overall is probably the way to go. Means each arrow/missile/slash has a lower chance to proc, but the total number of attacks makes it proc as often as a normal attack.