Problems with Mage Bomb

Mage Bomb won’t work on enemies up close, and if you spam the button too much, it will glitch up and won’t cast.
^ me trying to use mage bomb up close on a spider. this NEVER works.
^ me trying to use mage bomb but it wouldn’t actually cast. Worked on the third try.

That second issue is probably because you dont have the MP to cast it. The first issue is because… well, magic bomb got nerfed hard in exchange for zap.

Mage bomb didnt get nerfed lol they just added manual aim I think these are legit glitches not sure.

They did nerf it. If it explodes on close range, the bomb is extraordinarily small and does 0 damage. You have to throw it at a distance in order for it to explode properly and deal proper damage. Magic bomb is now garbage for any mage who isn’t cowering behind a wall where the spiders aren’t seeing them.

I actually had a different mage bomb bug where the skill wouldn’t work at all even though I had enough mana… I was also stuck in the magic bomb aim animation though I could still basic attack and use zap

This is what i had meant @TheWizardsaurus

I have a ton of mana and it just wouldn’t work

And if it is true that mage bomb doing 0 damage was on purpose. That is THE dumbest choice the development team has made so far. Its very hard to use mage bomb from far away and getting too close, enemies start to follow you so you overshoot the mage bomb. You have to be very exact every time otherwise its worthless even having it in your hotbar.

Well chances are the 0 damage thing was not intentional; the bomb just happens to be so small it doesn’t actually reach the hitbox. But the small bomb was clearly intentional.

It’s an easy fix, all they have to do is increase the size of the initial bomb so that it can actually hit even at close range.

I understand the size of the bomb was intentional, but my original statement never included that fact. I also understand that the bug may be related to hitbox size and detection.

Had this issue a couple times as a bunter with dagger throw