Problem with vesteria

So there’s a thing about vesteria I really dislike (although I like the game as an overall) is that everyone looks just about the same. I mean like, all people within a 1-5 level gap almost have the same exact gear! MMORPG games are about trying to get a particular armor set to fit your playstyle and vesteria is missing that. So to fix this problem, I propose to add multiple armor sets for a set particular level, for example for a level 21 warrior, he could choose iron armor, metal armor and such. Same concept for other class players with different levels. More weapons would help too.

TL;DR Not enough diversity in vesteria, add more gear

Why, though? Is appearance the only justification for this? If we just wanted more diversity, we could get some paid items like Armor Polish to increase reflectivity of some parts of the armor, or a Phosphor item to apply a glowing effect to some. Maybe further dye customization down to the part level rather than the whole armor would also help (e.g. using green dye on leather straps but purple dye on the armor itself).

Why add more armor when we can make existing armor more interesting?


iron is a metal bro

i agree though, Vesteria needs a bit more armor sets that will allow for differing builds especially with the addition of subclasses.

the “monotony” of Vesteria progression is complained about, yet every content update just adds onto this. there needs to be gear that will benefit different builds to influence build diversity, or we need scrolls that will allow us to do this.

We’re pushing to improve our item production pipeline so we can add in way more equipment options. We hear you and this is a priority, it just needs to be balanced with a lot of other stuff.


I would personally like easter-egg like collectibles hidden around the map that you could customize your gear with. It would help plp explore a lot more and open a whole new branch of economic trading.


I really like the vesteria world, and I feel like this would incentivize players to explore it

Thank you berezaa!

Glows or polishing, they’re just variations of the gear! We already have dyes and stuff for that. It’s not just about appearances but different kinds of armor to fit your playstyle, like how armor gave stats back in alpha. For example at level 18, hunter, you could choose leather-plated vest (sorry I’m not too creative) if your choosing assassin as your direction and it gives say +3% crit attack chance, or ranging gear which is already in the game if your going for ranger. I’m sure the devs can cook something up for trickster too. But I do apologize for not stating this clearly in the original post.

@berezaa pls take notes lol

over 15 hairs, over 10 shirts, over 10 pants… over 1500 combos… not enough diversity…


1500 combos? where did you get that from? also, tell me how similar people look within a 5 level gap.