Private Servers

you should totally add private servers. Ik it will be weird. But it will improve the adventure you’ll be in a party with your friends in your own servers, exploring etc. I would say 500 robux for a private server.

this is a cool idea and all but like

how would it work tho? have you thought about that?

No, he isn’t adding private servers.


and yeah, the devs have said that there won’t be any private servers

I think that’d really take away the social aspect of the game. I may be level 30, but I love grinding in the Woodlands of Minor Magic because I get to talk to people. For me, it’s something that completes the game.

Add private servers for like 3,000 robux

Anything but this.

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Private Servers (VIP?) would be horrible…

MMORPGs are meant to be played with others in mind, plus, you could freely exploit to farm your level up, or, AFK farm without being pestered… It sounds like a terrible idea.


yea i feel you on that note i change my mind nvm