Private houses and brewing stations

The private houses may just be like an apartment you rent and you can decorate it, some of the decorations might even do something like a bed can give a bonus in regenerating health or something else. The brewing stations might also be purchasable you can put in your house, with it, you can brew potions e.g. Mushroom spore + ??? = Speed boost potion. Some quests might include some more of the advanced recipes for different potions, so maybe if you defeat a boss he might give a unique item that you can brew a potion with that gives you some skill points. Some of the recipes you might find out yourself, maybe if a player brews a potion incorrectly they might take some damage and maybe like a test result that says ‘F- Chemistry’ for a little gag in the game.

We definitely eventually want to allow players to have their own private homes, this is farther out in our road-map however. We want to have a great game first with lots of content.

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