Prism Trap Rework

Considering that the Developers are buffing all the classes except Rangers, my idea is pretty simple and useful in pvp.
So basically if you’re a trickster in pvp, you’ll just use Disengage or Switch Strike a lot but no prism trap because the opponent can see the trap.
My idea is pretty simple.
Make Prism trap invisible for so people can’t see it but the player who placed it, like invisibility on assassin where you can see the player’s shadow but other players cannot see you.

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thank you

I’ve never really heard about using switch strike in pvp but if it works then I guess it works

but using trap in pvp is just disengage really high up and place it because it has infinite activation height

Invis trap should only really be added if they make the activation height for trap smaller so that nothing much really changes

Honestly I see so many requests for invisible prism trap that I’m not even going to bother :expressionless:

Not going to bother what? Because many people are requesting it, it seems like it is a heavily wanted feature.

Yes, Vote Yes :smiley:


Though I main a Knight I do agree with this, It shouldn’t be transparent. I would love to see it be translucent though. Good idea!

Just suggest it to be translucent.

Lvl 5 prism trap should go invisible, thats what I think :face_with_monocle:

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itd be too op

wym too op? Whenever Tricksters places down a trap during a pvp battle the opponent can obviously see the trap and will either jump over it or run around it. Please explain how it’d be op.

if its invisible they cant see it LMAO

It would need to be translucent for it to be fair still, not transparent. No need to be sassy

Tell that to assassins, their whole entire character is invisible. I don’t understand how fair it can be.

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Noice Support On My Part :ok_hand:

I Now Have A Title :sunglasses: :partying_face: :scream: :laughing: :grin:

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Isnt that the point of them, PvP is useless anyways. their character turns invisible. Just take advice for posts and stop being offended,