Prioritizing the small features

I’ve been noticing that the developers haven’t been trying to work on small bugs or features of the game that could improve it. I do not know how busy it is for the developers but if they are able to increasingly make the game harder with updates it seems reasonable they can add small features to the game. It doesn’t seem fair that the devs keep making the game harder whilst neglecting functionality. Some small updates can be

  1. Hold click to shoot for Ranger’s Stance. Berezaa has already known about this and said he would update it but it’s already been over a month with updates released. Such a simple feature, I think he forgot
  2. Item splitting
  3. SQR Queen spawn. I’m confused if this is a glitch or not because you still spawn at the lounge which is completely pointless.
    There are probably many more that I do not know of. In summary, update some very simple features in the game.