Previewing Dyes

Everyone who has ever dyed something has most likely ran into the problem of the item not looking at they expected it to after dying it. This is a huge problem because dyes are not cheap and most people do not want to waste hundreds of robux only to find out that the dye doesn’t look how you would assume it would be when you dye it. A simple, and perfect, solution to this problem is the ability to preview dyes. If you attempt to apply dye to an item a gui should pop up showing you what the item will look like after you apply the dye with 2 buttons. One button will cancel the application of dye and the other button will apply the dye to the item.

If you are trying to look at the dye before you buy it from shops or trades it should let you preview what that dye would look like on any of your currently equipped items. There should be a button in any shop that sells dyes that says “Preview Dyes” where when you press it it allows you to choose an item in your inventory to preview. It uses the same gui as mentioned earlier, except this one only has one button, which is the cancel button.

Suggested before, I supported it then, I’ll support it now. Good idea.

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A dye preview UI has been made earlier this morning at around 2AM PST

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He means before you buy the dye, not when applying it.

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I have already made an incredibly similar thread awhile back, for any viewers here interested please give it a read: Dye Preview Feature

ooh great when will it come out?

Already being made, but the best we have for now is this wiki. Dyed Item Guide