Preview of monsters in the Great Crossroads

In those 3 areas that I circled, there should be Crabbys, Treemuks, and Goblins.

All 3 of those creatures are level 9, and they fall between the level of Hogs, level 7, and the level of Scarecrows, level 15.

This means after farming hogs and reaching level 7-9, you would be hunting these guys. However, people only know to enter those areas when they reach level 10, so they’d go when they’re level 10. However, this means that they can’t fight level 9 monsters at level 9.

Along with that, if people weren’t informed that in order to join a faction you must be level 10, they’d farm Scarecrows after farming the Hogs. However, if they see the level 9 monsters and connect them to their areas, they would see that there are level 9 monsters. So instead of farming hogs from whatever their level was to level 7 and then farming scarecrows later, they could switch from hogs to either Crabbys, Treemuks, or Goblins.

I also think it’d look nice and there’s no harm on adding those guys there :wink:

How would you portray it though? A statue or something?

i was thinking like putting them there

Just random mobs standing there?

yeah like 1-2 crabbys out near the scalop shores portal

and they can attack, display level, and be killed like a regular mob

i dont really think your practical explanation for adding them to the area makes much sense, considering players can just continue farming a lower level monster or take on the higher level ones for a few levels. however, i do think a couple creatures sitting respectively in their little patches of the area beyond would be cute, so i fully endorse your idea.

if you were level 9, itd make more sense to hunt level 9 monsters rather than level 7 or 15

so casual players dont have to hide behind a fence to kill scarecrows or endlessly kill hogs easily

its just to make it a little more clear that level 9 monsters are an option

i guess that it might help in some way, but its not as if its required for players to fight monsters within one or two levels of theirs. it would be just as easy for someone to collect hog idols for the exp boost or farm scarecrows by dodging their attacks, but either way, its not as if your idea would bring any harm, so u rite



i like your idea, :+1:

It would be cute.

I don’t see why not?

this is called the quality of life bump now that developers are carrying more attention to the forums

Bump, now that there is more room for creatures to exist (Because the 3 portals are farther away from eachother), you can more easily get this to work.

They would also not be fighting each other.

seems legit, would be nice to see and not take too much work to add

Bump, this would be nice even though this is pretty small.