Pretty Sure I Broke It

I Just Need 2 Photos To Explain…
As You Can See I Have Liked Berezaa’s Posts 66 Times, Yet Berezaa Only Has 65 Posts. Either I’ve Liked A Post Twice Or I’ve Liked A Post That Doesn’t Work. Either Way It Is Very Broken.

You like berezaa too much.

Slanderous Treason!

You probably liked a post that he has taken down and removed from the forums history.

Why Would Berezaa Delete A Post Though?

It might of been an accident or it could of been him deleting a post that is pointless to him.

Because it has some super secret information. :open_mouth:

If you got an extra like, that means you loved the post then.

Also, that was 65 “posts” created. Posts and topics are 2 different things, so you could have like one of his topics.

You probably liked a deleted post by him, he has a few.

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