Pretty hot leaks (as)

lol i came up with a short name for my speculations which is as short for a speculation as the name suggests this is a speculation so this is just my guesses what the stuff is gonna be used for

Spider Eggs

Screenshot_25 maybe a drop from the spider queen??? might have a other use then just selling it or it could just be from regular spiders who knows really.

Skull Mask

Screenshot_24 I’m actually hyped for this one it might be head wear for the hunter i assume maybe goblins drop them because they have bone related stuff lol. also sands undertale was here

Barbarian Staff

Screenshot_21 Maybe there will be a whole barbarian set because a skull mask a barbarian staff maybe this is the queen spider drops?

Sun Staff

Screenshot_20 Maybe this is a quest item i have no idea maybe it has stat buffs during day??? idk really.

Barbarian Hatchet

Screenshot_22 This is a hunter weapon it’s kinda obvious that there will be a update where every class gets a weapon who knows?!

Barbarian Sword

Screenshot_23 All aboard the hype train warrior gets new a new weapon hopefully this will do more damage than the bronze mace i hope :frowning:

All aboard the hype train for this barbarian stuff there is a bunch of new weapons :sweat_smile:

also credit to konlon15 cuz i could not find the images lol

Barbarian set is confirmed for the Colosseum.

I saw this already lol, @ArcaneFxre sent these images to Discord.

i just hope barbarian set isn’t low level

It most likely won’t be as you earn/buy it from PvPing. I think there will be a shop where you can buy/earn these weapons using points/currency earned from winning PvP matches.

so special currency earned by killing your enemies i hope they nerf zap before this update or else i wont be buying anything, unless if they play fair lol maybe there will be a leader board for who has the most kills at least now the Colosseum wont just be for guild wars and high level players who are bored.