Press 'F' to pay respects

This would be a funny feature to have in game. No it would be … Awsome

So basically there will be a option to pay respects by pressing ‘F’ when someone dies

kinda like this

Edit - The thing inside is davidi

Edit 2 - someone else made somthing simlar

What would you even be paying respects to? Also, it’s respects not resepects.

when someone dies and there cleric, probably.

You would be paying respects to player who died

I saw what you replied with before, and my response has nothing to do with you, it’s with the idea. Not going to say anything else.

I totally didnt made a similar post earlier…nope.

So what exactly would this do? Show sympathy?

Also tombstones were gone last I played (a day or two before close), instead corpses just kinda flopped around. Made finding where to cast Resurrect to res them a LITERAL NIGHTMARE, corpse wasn’t always on the spot and friggin CD)

yo is that call of duty advanced warfare lmao

This is a joke

Can you show me what post you made about this topic

This is a good idea

the tombstone is like tiny and stuck in the flopping body.

I only played the game 3 days before it shut down and I didnt see anyone die

Yeah ikr.

I was just straight vibing on my Cleric in the dunes (Stingtails = easy exp… Flare + Thundercall) and people die and I try to res but impossible hitbox.

the problom is that vesteria needs to be open. berezaa isnt gonna look at these, he hasent been on forums since vesteria closed. could we press “f” to pay respects to vesteria until it gets resed by berezaa the cleric? ill go first: F

COmes Back Too 1000 New Topics MmMmM yes, good mac n’ cheese


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esfkio fffffffffffffffffffffffffff!