Pre-Alpha Week 15 - Patch Notes

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Hello, and welcome to the sixth official Vesteria public play test! Every week, we set a specific goal we want to achieve for the game. For week 15, we focused on some much-needed social features. Enjoy!


We want Vesteria to be a social game. With the new party system, we’re giving you the tools to play with your friends and to make new ones. We look forward to expanding this feature even further in the future.

  • Invite up to 5 people to play with you in a Party.

  • Party teleportation
    – The party leader initiates a teleport to a new map at a map exit.
    – All party members must be in range to teleport as a group
    – Players who are in range will light up green

  • Party members obtain 10% bonus XP for fighting in a party, and 20% bonus XP for being in a full party


  • Initiate a trade with another player

  • Each player can offer money and up to eight stacks of items

  • You can approve a trade, deny if you wish to negotiate further, or leave to end the trade.

  • The trade completes 5 seconds after both players accept

Drop items

  • You can now drop items from your inventory that anyone can pick up


  • Players now make footstep sounds depending on what surface they are walking on


  • New lvl. 15 mob in Enchanted Forest

  • Can drop lvl. 13 class equipment and scrolls

New Items:

bronzemace bronzesword spiderfang

Biggest Bug Fixes:

  • Purchasing multiple stacks of non-stackable items should work now (ie, scrolls)
  • Selling items should sell the actual item, not the right-most item of the same type

We added a lot of stuff this week, and due to the social-heavy nature of these features we expect there to be a ton of bugs.

In particular with trading, we expect that there may have been some issues we missed. Please report all bugs you find to our #gameplay-improvements:bug-reports forum so that they can be fixed quickly.

If you find a economy-breaking exploit such as something that allows you to gain infinite money, dupe items, etc, please send a PM to @Polymorphic immediately. Do not share it with other players. We will reward anyone who privately shares such exploits with us.

Thanks for playing, feel free to leave your thoughts below!


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