Powerful warlock build


Greetings, and thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my post. This post is about a new kind of warlock build that I discovered, that completely shafts your primary method of damage, pillage vitality, in exchange for utilizing the simulacrums?

Hold your horses. Most warlocks believe the simulacrum to be one of the worst abilities in the game. Besides the fact that it can copy your skills, it only serves that purpose to most of them. Most warlocks will get frustrated if they accidentally detonate it for a meager 278 damage and force a 10s cooldown.

What those warlocks don’t know, is that the explosion actually scales up in damage with strength.
This means that warlocks can actually use their simulacrums combined with strength in order to put out tons of damage. The other warlock skill known as dark pulse scales with intelligence, but it can be activated right before the simulacrum detonates for even more damage on top of the simulacrum’s explosion as well as a hefty slowness debuff.

For the uninitiated muscle wizard, I will explain what kind of perks strength grants to your base mage spells. The power of these special perks increases once you hit a certain strength milestone, which is the same as the milestones for int and dex.

Starting at 30 strength, you obtain two perks: Increased velocity alongside piercing capabilities for your magic bomb, and the ability to damage enemies with your blink spell. The perk for your blink spell is very useful, and can be used both as a finisher and a getaway tool.

The simulacrum-pulse combos will deal a lot of damage once you have some strength, as demonstrated below.

You can get roughly the same results on monsters, although you will need to finish them off with a spell like blink.
This build won’t compete with a minmaxed ranger, but you’ll be outdamaging all of the other warlocks and clerics. If you can get the stingtail staff, it helps out a lot.
Clip 1 has 151 STR, 50 VIT, 30 INT, 0 DEX.
Clip 2 has 102 STR, 5 VIT, 24 INT, 0 DEX.


wait blinking into a mob atk?

It’s a perk from strength. If you read the entire post, you would’ve seen that explained.

oh right I just look at the vids

Looks very cool!! I don’t play warlock, but this might change my mind :wink:.

Great job!!

It’s a shame that I rebirthed a while back for cleric.

simulacrum worst ability? Lmao the pulse is by far the worst. Simulacrum doesn’t even have 10sec reload wow.
Anyways good discovery and it is a good one-hit finisher but pillage is still better damage-wise

mfw knights shield bash does 3k damage to normal scorpions
and people still say knights are weak :pensive:


Still just as hilarious. Nice work.

The new chitin scythe synergizes super well with this build!

You can get the 18% damage bonus from your intellect stat onto your melee attack with it.

EDIT: David changed it in a hotfix, so now the staff only takes intelligence into account. This means that unfortunately, the stingtail staff is still our best option.

It still works because it has higher base attack and you have invested into strength

My mage is level 29 and I am gonna get it warlock, since I lose the vibe, I’ve got a couple skill reset tomes to mess around with abilities, but the stats I’ll make sure to follow this, I’ll put more points into str than int.

No. It only does INT damage, meaning your swings don’t benefit from STR. Even with a higher base damage, a fierce stingtail does more than twice its damage with this build.

I know, I’m not saying it’s better than stingtails, just that its still usable because your putting everything in strength

Did you not read what I said?
Even with an equal base damage, the scythe does less damage, This is because it converts the melee attacks to work with INT, rather than STR, making the STR bonus completely negligible.

I did read what you said, and I understand what you are saying, but it isn’t correct. the scythe does more damage with int, but increasing your str still increases the damage it does. While yes, other staffs are better, it is still usable, and will still do decent damage. Of course it doesn’t work as well with this build but it doesn’t suck.

No. The scythe does not increase with Str. It only increases with strength. Test it yourself. It’s better on other mage subclasses that don’t need to pour into STR.

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Your missing what I am saying. I’m sort saying that he scythe is the best thing to use with this build, nor that you should, just that it isn’t unusable. If you have 100 str with the scythe, it will do more damage than if you had 0 str or int on it.

STR doesn’t effect the scythes damage whatsoever.

Perks from strength however, such as the 10% damage bonus on the first hit, do effect its damage.

Listen, I’m not saying that scythe will effect the scythes damage, I know that isn’t the case, but the more strength you have, the more damage you will do, with or without the scythe. Once again, I am NOT saying that it is the best choice, only that it is still usable.