(poud) Vincent likes scrambling eggs right?

so i have made a poll because Vincent lately has been scrambling everyone’s stats so i thought i should make a poll of what kind of eggs u guys like that would fix everything correct? if Vincent makes scrambled eggs y not different types of cooking his eggs? suggest what you want vincent to make instead of scrambled

  • Hard Scrambled
  • Soft Scrambled
  • Sunny Side Up
  • Over Easy
  • Over Medium
  • Over Hard
  • Poached
  • answer down below with ur reply?

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egg :egg:



it’s a eggplant? i don’t get why u reported me now steve jobs is gonna ban me from minecraft

boiled eggs with mayo or rarely salt. (only if I’m desperate that is)

I prefer to kill things with fire before they lay eggs.

I had a scrambled egg for lunch today.

i dont eat eggs and never had eggs

Ballot (eggs with baby chicks still inside)

That is concerning.

I like em’ raw :drooling_face: really brings the flavor of the yolk out! :smile:

i put egg yolk in my ramen

burned egg.

Anybody ever read Dr. Seuss’ book " Scrambled Eggs Super! "? This makes me think of that…

green eggs and ham?

No not green eggs and ham lol… imma c if I can find the title and edit it into my other post

Hard boiled