POTM Quest Hub (And others)


Credit to our writers and editors etc:

This Will contain all of the quests people over in the guild POTM and others come up with. If you wish to join into the writing of these quests contact me or @GeneralOmegus on discord or fourms. Update this post has been made into a wiki so anyone can edit I believe.

Quest Line A:

Quest Line B:

Quest Line C:

Quest Line D:


Let’s Get This Bre-Added into the game! C:

I’d like to join but I can’t since we are no longer allies, and my writing isn’t the best. :frowning:

I want in but I have exactly 0 ideas lol

Also foobs i dunno why u wouldn’t b allowed to write quests… if anybody wants the “problem” to get any better we need to co-operate and have fun with eachother

I told you this stuff screwed me over.

Vex can’t force you to do anything you don’t want to. He won’t give you up, either.

[QUEST] D:A-D Me Lucky Trinket! Go ahead and add this

You should also add personal 0/10 ratings to each of the quests

This post has been made into a wiki allowing anyone to edit if you have or see a post that needs to be added and fits with the others then follow the format and add it please :smiley:

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I can make a non formated category where people can add just random quests that are not following the format if you guys want.