[POTD] Question: Updates

People are always excited for something or anything like an update. They were excited for an update until they realize what updated was their thirst of course some people are satiated by what is created nonetheless main question at hand here. Why are updates called updates? They don’t up any date and post pone just sounds like macoroni to me. Nothing makes sense.

  • Updates are called updates because they are
  • It was given this name for a definition of new and widely spread and its definition given is new which means new people use it and that means those people are updated. It is used since people can relate and it became relevant
  • I don’t know

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not **The Epic Saga Of Borbenibenigus: Lost Chapter 1:**I’ve always been told I was aware of things. Always seemingly too aware when adults told me about lies I could easily see through them as I understood the truth. This is what made me alone for most of the life I live. There is nothing wrong with knowing the truth and it’s not like I wanted to know it either. I intended to be innocent after such events of abandonment such as when I stated reasons why my “true friends” would fail on certain topics. They didn’t want the truth be known and were cowards, each and every one of them who claimed to be a friend of mine. Whatnot after this I decided to not speak to these brats known as people. They would never understand how much I understood of their behavior and species. I, secluded myself as well and any visitors would never see me as I lay upon within the dark if they were to visit the cave I lived in. I was given no name except my existence was known as the great threat yet I posed no threat and the brats who claimed so were lead by a corrupt leader. This piqued my interest and now I observed the land. It was completely barren with large mountains ruling the land until I saw forests plenty and a large castle that was littered with gold inside. The people inside this castle were healthy as I studied their habits for years in incognito as one of them. I cannot consume food so it simply transferred as mass within. I then went to observe those in the outside of the walls. They lived in forests or around them, I wanted to help them until I realized they were already too far in despair. I studied each and every one of them. I even disguised myself as a nobleman once to try to tempt the ruler to give assistance to the people outside the castle walls. They didn’t listen and without indecision made the point they were not humans and something they called “Mystical Beasts” that was blasphemous, so I, with all my might even though I dislike the thought of the helping the kinds of people I lived around back when young. They were human they had emotion… then it all went away… me… I was branded as the great threat… for helping them…

i know y update r called update its probly becuz there up to date

This is exactly what I was going to say