[POTD] Question: Traders

Hi there, Traders are most likely Traitors you can’t trust Traders since they’re probably going betray you.

Question: How do you deal with traders?

  • I once traded with myself and never got anything in return, I sued myself and won the case, now I owe myself a lotta money.
  • I don’t trade
  • I trade with trusted people.
  • Answered below with reply.

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13 more days.

i simply rob them duhhhh

13 more days?
Till what?

Also I don’t trade. I don’t even play Vesteria often that much anyways. Plus I’m a hunter… don’t need much

@Conquest for me it’s 13 more days until it is Christmas, you know the 25th day of December?

Oooohhhh… i didn’t think about Christmas…

I Deal With Traders By Trading. If They Don’t Trade, I Trade Them.

now thats what u call 200 iq