[POTD] Question: Tiredness

How long do you feel tired before you go to sleep awake?

  • All time the
  • Sure why the don’t not
  • I’m never awake

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Sometimes I feel like doing nothing… also Poll Of The Day Zone

Before I go to awake? Not sure how you mean?

To understand logic is to understand illogic itself. Basically how tired are you before you’re awake. In other words are you feeling tired when you’re asleep. I decoded it for you, do you understand now?

“Sure, why the do not not”

Okay, this is unepic.

I’m Never Awake Since You Need To Fall Asleep To Wake Up…

Tfw someone’s entire profile is a beautiful work of s#$! post and everyone loves it

Uh, excuse me but what?

weird flex but okay

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