[POTD] Question: Thanksgiving

When I find spices… Poll Of The Day will be spiced up… if it works…

Are you celebrating Thanksgiving today?

  • Yes
  • I celebrate it every other day
  • No

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In a sense people could say they’re thankful for what they’re thankful for in spite of its vagueness if you do celebrate the thanksgivings if not then go eat in celebration of your hunger.

Here Thanksgiving is in October ack

what country r u in is November here

tankgiving is about michelle obama give everyone tanks111

No, since we celebrate it in October (living in Canada) but I am eating chicken for you guys today and so HAPPY THANKSGIVING <3

im eat turkey right now

Turkey isn’t that good, like I said before!

Anyways; I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving Day.

im full and dying of full