[POTD] Question: Smartness

Hello there, you’ve probably been wondering what this means by “Smartness” when all of Poll Of The Day was known as nonsense. Today I’ve strayed off that path and generally forever now. Poll Of The Day will make sense now, and polls will actually close sometime in the near future. Now here is the poll for today.

  • Why are you changing this?
  • I like this now.

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Great now that’s out of the way, Vesteria Alpha should and always be treated as an early build, as it is Alpha no matter how big an Alpha would be. In standards it would still be considered an early build of the actual game. As more stuff would be added since the game is still “small”.

I’m probably gonna take a break from the forums.

why does this close in 7981 years

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That’s when the poll closes.

I know but why that long o-o

Here’s why

ya definetly not far

see you can answer your own questions no need to ask as it wasn’t that confusing

quite true

Something went wrong when I clicked your profile? :thinking:

Take this as a joke as it is literally is.

no, nothing is wrong there all completely true

gets Regular badge
starts acting serious
still no group for chair lovers

still making a discord server for it :thinking: probably going have to take a few days or so

waITTT whatttt how in heck have u been on here 53 days!!! the rest of us only got like 49 i think explain this madness!

o wait never mind im a idiot i didnt visit some days LOL i was on break crys