[POTD] Question: Sitting

How long do you spend sitting on your seats

(seats and chairs are not the same but, a lot of people mix them up. To differentiate them is fairly easy, ask the chair/seat if it’s a delicious chair or a useful seat. Now you’re probably wondering, i’ve seen you sit on chairs before and yes I have. That is to sense all the chair’s flavor.)

  • I’ve bean seating in my sit for years now.
  • been doing it ever since I realized my chair was a seat
  • i’ve bin doing it since foureh :bird:

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chairs are tasty and soothing :+1:
seats are warm and should be cozy


You already know!

I am uncultured on this topic, can someone enlighten me?

because. MMMMmm Chairs and MMMMMmm cozy seats

c h a i r

Chairs Are Delicious If You Didn’t Know.