[POTD] Question: Reflections

Colors reflect the light they don’t absorb, so when people call things colorless then is it…

  • Black
  • White
  • Nothing

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I finished being done yesterday. Oh yeah I wonder why there are wonders. :thinking:

White is the absence of color.

Black is the combination of all colors, as shown in paint. If you mix many colors together it will inevitably turn blackish.

Something can be nothing and nothing can be something.

and that something is CHAIRS

Opposite way around if you’re referring to light waves.

Technically if something is colorless it is translucent… Therefore neither Black nor White, just, invisible…

It really depends on the situation it’s being used. Could you provide more context?

Uhhhh… I mean, my understanding is that when an object reflects light, the wavelength of light it reflects is what hits your eyes and the color that your brain perceives that object to be, and the object absorbs all the other colors of light that it comes into contact with and your brain doesn’t “see” those colors because the object absorbed them… So I suppose my original statement isn’t correct now that I think about it… An object that absorbs all the colors would be white (?) and one that reflects all colors would be Black (?) and one that lets all colors pass through it is translucent…

Ah ha, brain twister here