[POTD] Question: Quest inn

Hello do you like Quest inn, the inn that lets you take Quests and you can ask questions about the quests in Quest inn. Now you’re probably wondering who at Quest inn runs Quest inn, that’s a question for Quest inn. Haha, traditional joke of Quest inn, now you’re wondering why is Quest inn is so good? That’s an interesting “Quest inn” yes it’s a great pun, now Quest inn is so great because it is. Don’t “Quest inn” it. You’re probably thinking this is related to Introducktory Duck Story why because Quest inn created that to create a Quest where they want you to decode a thing. Honestly Quest inn is so “Quest inn” able, another great pun, they know… What “they” do is not safe, now that i’ve sugarcoated what I wanted to say… don’t go to them… they corrupt your min~ AHHHHHH!!! Hello, as usual we of Quest inn provide Quests and an inn but, also a membership for all your quests, so you are subscribed to all the quests to know which quests you can accept. Pretty cool righ? SLAM “Hello, yes another “one” attempted to escape, detain them at once.” Okay back on track, to answer your Quest inn I am the CEO of Quest inn. My company first started with me providing quests for the people by the people. It then kicked off from there… yes how amazing it was, yes another one escaped the perimeters, apprehend him at once. Anyways the company was great as the people funded it ceaselessly, man how kind they were. They never even “Quest inn” where I or what I do. AGH “Yes, I’ve d-done it, I’ve ended the CEO’s life!” he cackles in excitement… the man he pierced with his wooden stake slowly stood up… with a fire aglow in his eyes… his hands arching upward and his smile that of an evil one… his clear broken glasses slid off his devilish face… His appearance clearly wasn’t human… “You a mere piece of dirt dare to strike upon me?” his booming voice sent shivers down the assailant as he slowly stepped toward the assailant with a cackling laugh… “You fools will never know the truth, for this plan… yes this plan… how splendid it is… it’ll make the world as beautfiul as me!” out of fear the assailant lost control of his body and could not control it as his eyes were filled with white due to fear. With a darkish glow upon the remnants of the body, it became a servant for the CEO. “Honestly… now go back to your friends and strike anguish into their soul…” the man cackled at his achievement and walked back to his chair… t’was a very delicious one he was savinf for later.

  • How is this even a poll?
  • Hey at least the CEO loves chairs!
  • Literally didn’t read this because you just created a wall of text no one wants to read, there are plenty of reasons I can just say to explain your stupidity and irritation it created me oh the pain…

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As stated, everything has an equal and opposite force, if you try to beat a monster, it’ll equally deal damage to you.

uhh thats not how it works. (the hidden text)

Also MMMMmm chairs