[POTD] Question: POTD

Lately there hasn’t been much to think of for POTD in fact it feels as though it being daily is being overtaken by the epic saga that is being created, oh hey here’s a good question for POTD. Do you understand the plot of The Epic Saga of Borbenibenigus. Well that’s if you read it.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I can explain the plot so far

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I’m starting to think the plot isn’t making sense, but it still does, so I’m going with it, and that it, is literally random so I guess the plot doesn’t make sense.

The plot is supposed to be confusing I guess?

more like the epic saga of bilbo baggins


don’t you mean yesn’t u probly use the “word” no which is not a word becuz it has been changed to yesn’t.

o w8 i haven’t read next two chapters so far so uh… nvm i t4k3 tht b4ck

I mean what I mean, and I’m not being mean.

wow ur pretty mean

You’re being a bit incentsative. In no way was I being mean at all.

stop bringing meaning