[POTD] Question: Patience

By being patient it creates excitement for what is to come. Now here is the question, how long do you plan on being patient? This will go for everything as patience is time and time is everything.

  • I’m willing to wait a long time before I can do what I wanted
  • I’m willing to wait until I can do what I wanted
  • I just can’t be patient

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I asked this as I’m going to have to wait a bit until I can get a game.

who is the patient who is sick person here dont touch me im sterile

It seems you interpreted this wrongly. There is no patient except the universe as there are plenty of things that are wrong with it as there are right. I mean uh no one is the patient so don’t go near no one.

dear headlessmicrowave,

how come your polls actually make sense now
please change back to old format

formally, a4DCube

P.S. * blood stain *

yes pls i want old polls!